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Privacy statement: how the personal data of the companies enrolling at the Placement Office will be dealt with

You are hereby informed within the meaning of Article 13 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code that:
  • personal data are processed both by the University of the graduate and by the Inter-universities Consortium AlmaLaurea - which are the bodies entitled to deal with personal data- for no other purposes than those related to the performance of the contract and, consequently, to the access to the services offered; data responsibles will be indicated in the respective institutional websites.
  • in case of a refusal to fill in the mandatory field marked with *, it will be impossible to conclude the contract;
  • non-mandatory fields are not strictly necessary to the conclusion of the contracts. Though by filling them you will enable the Consortium to offer more effective services to contracting parties;
  • personal data will not be used or disclosed to third parties for purposes other than those related to the performance of the contract and to any legal requirements, in particular accounting and tax obligations;
  • personal data will not be diffused.

Within the meaning of Article 7 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code the contracting parties have the right to obtain at any time information about the performance of their personal data, such as confirming, updating and cancelling them. For this purpose, all those concerned can contact the Job Guidance Office or the Inter-universities Consortium AlmaLaurea at the addresses mentioned in their respective web sites.


Within the meaning of the law nr.183 ("collegato lavoro") of the 4th November 2010 and the law nr. 111 of the 15th July 2011 (art. 29), the University offers the curricula of the students and of those who graduated over the last 12 months on its web site.

Art. 1. All data required by the user are supplied by the University through the Internet. By supplying data through this service, the University does not guarantee that graduates will accept the job offers made by the user.

Art. 2. Data are collected and processed for the unique purpose of facilitating the procedures for starting up work. The user hereby undertakes to respect this purpose and guarantees that, within the meaning of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code, graduates' personal data will not be used for purposes other than selecting and hiring personnel.

Art. 3. The Company provides UniTrento with a statement regarding the results of the selection. If The Company is using the full CV plafond available, or the plafond reaches its expiration date, in order to be able to reactivate a new plafond, the Company will need to provide UniTrento with a feedback about the outcomes of use by indicating for each CV: Name, Surname, contacted (yes or no), interviewed (yes or no), proposed contract (yes or no), contract initiated (yes or no). UniTrento reserves its full discretion to suspend access to accreditation services to users who do not comply with this clause or provide partial or untrue feedback.

Art. 4. The user commits himself / herself to activate the internship supporting the University Job Guidance Office and to comply with the activation procedure envisaged by the University and illustrated online on the Office's website, as well as national regulations, regional and provincial level.

Art. 5. UniTrento reserves the right to carry out checks on the use of CVs by the user by contacting their students and graduates. In the event that incorrect and non-targeted data is used for job placement or training and job orientation, the University reserves its full discretion to suspend you from accessing accreditation services.

Article 6. Under no circumstances may the user use the CVs of the students and graduates of the University for purposes other than those contemplated by this contract, such as advertising, promotion, signaling or sale of courses, masters, training activities in general.

Art. 7. In all cases where the user shows an incorrect behavior, UniTrento reserves, in its sole discretion, suspending the user from access to accreditation services.

Art. 8. These general terms and conditions shall be accepted by user by selecting the option “Acceptance of the contract” during the accreditation procedure.

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